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Amit Varma

Presentation: Higgins Lecture: Speedcore and Steel-Concrete Composite Construction: The Best of Both Worlds


Varma received his BS in Civil Engineering from IIT-Bombay ('94), MS from Univ. of Oklahoma ('96), and PhD from Lehigh University ('01). He has been an academic for 22 years and at Purdue University for 18 years.  

Varma‚Äôs research products are the basis of (and directly cited in) several AISC specifications (AISC 360, AISC 341, AISC N690) for the design of steel-concrete composite structures for building structures and safety-related nuclear facilities. He has previously received the AISC Milek Faculty Fellowship Award (2004), AISC Special Achievement Award (2017, 2020), ASCE Shortridge Hardesty Award (2019), ASCE Alfred Noble Prize (2021), and the ASCE Stephen D. Bechtel Jr. Energy Award (2021).  

Varma is the Chair of AISI/AISC Task Committee 8 on Fire Design, and member of Task Committee 5 on Composite Design. He is also a member of the AISC Committee of Specifications and ASCE/SEI 7 Standard Committee. 

Varma lives in West Lafayette, Ind., with his mother, wife, and two daughters.