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Enter the "Build a Better Mousetrap" competition

Kansas LTAP is proud to host the "Build A Better Mousetrap" Competition as a platform for local agencies who have come up with brilliant ideas to enhance the efficiency of their work.

Through this competition, Kansas LTAP wants to encourage local agencies in Kansas to share their creative work with others through a friendly, competitive challenge that awards the top three winners based on cost and savings, benefits to the community and the environment, transferability, ingenuity, and effectiveness.

All candidates’ entries will be sent to the national competition to be shared in a national electronic booklet that will be disseminated to all LTAP/TTAP Centers.

If you know someone who might be interesting in submitting an application, pass the news along.

Winners will be rewarded by the Kansas LTAP and will be considered for the national competition.

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact Kansas LTAP at

Applications Are Due By May 29th.