KPTA 2020 Conference

On this page you will find the KPTA 2020 Conference archives.

KPTA'S 2020 Conference Series: Transit Tuesdays

Title / Presenter

Lessons from the Mouse / Dennis Snow - Snow and Associates

CTAA Presentation and National Updates / Scott Borgan - CTAA

FTA Region 7 Update / Jon Moore - KDOT, Mokhtee Ahmad - Federal Transit Administration

KDOT Update and KPTA Annual Meeting / Lisa Koch and Nikhila Gunda - KUTC

A Conversation About Leading an Organization in Tough Times / Lisa Koch - KUTC, Laura and Angie Jones - Grant County Transportation District (People Mover)

Leadership vs. Management [PDF] / Emily Wilder - KUTC, Anne Smith - Flint Hills ATA 

Employee Recognition, Employee Retention, Making Work Fun [PDF] / Carol Wright Kenderdine - NADTC

The Importance of Emergency Planning and Management - COVID-19 & Beyond / Hannes Zacharias - The University of Kansas

Emergency Planning for COVID-19 / Barbara Lillyhorn - RCAT, James Titcomb - NTI

Building Back from COVID-19 [PDF] / Lisa Koch, Megan McReynolds, Connor Mountford, Anne Lowder - Kansas RTAP

Mental Health First Aid / Julia Gaughan - Bert Nash

Developing a Customer-Focused Agency Through Training / Trell Grinter - OCCK, Susan Miller - Kansas City Area Transportation Authority

Improving the Passenger Experience / Chris Fox - MCTS, Mike Wilson - Flint Hills ATA, Michelle Griffin - OCCK


Conference Presentation Slides

Leading in Tough Times

Emergency Planning               

Customer Service