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KS RTAP Offers Online E-learning Driver Training During COVID-19 (click here)

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Kansas RTAP e-learning in response to COVID-19

[April 16, 2020]
In response to travel and training restrictions due to COVID-19, below is Kansas RTAP’s plan for e-learning to temporarily meet KDOT guidelines for operator training. 
This plan will be valid through June 30, 2020. RTAP will extend the plan if COVID-19 restrictions remain in place after that date.
To receive a Kansas RTAP Certificate, the driver would need to complete the trainings listed in one of the three modules below.
Module 1:  New Driver Training
KDOT:  Complete the new driver form (see link below) and keep it with your agency’s triennial
review files
Coaching Systems:  “Coaching the Van Driver 3” or “Coaching the Van Driver 2” for 2-15 passenger vehicles
Q’Straint Training:  “Basic Securement 101”
National RTAP:  “START Online” (Safety Training and Rural Transit)
Module 1 training certification will be good for 6 months from date of issue of RTAP Certificate; after which the driver will need to take an in-person RTAP class. New drivers must completed the KDOT form and take all classes in Module 1 before they can drive.
The next two modules are for experienced drivers needing refresher training. There are two choices -- which module to take will be at the agency manager’s discretion, considering whether the driver transports clients in wheelchairs and whether the driver has recently taken securement training.
Module 2: Refresher Training, Including Securement
Q’Straint Training:  “Basic Securement 101”
Coaching Systems:  “Coaching the Van Driver 3”
National RTAP:  “Emergency Procedures for Rural Transit Drivers” (UPDATED)
Module 3: Refresher Training Without Securement
Coaching Systems:  “Coaching the Van Driver 3”  or “Coaching the Van Driver 2” for 2-15 passenger vehicles
National RTAP:  “Emergency Procedures for Rural Transit Drivers” (UPDATED)
National RTAP:  “Problem Passengers: Managing Difficult Passengers & Situations”
National RTAP:  “Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Guidance”
Modules 2 and 3 training will be good for 2 years from the date of issue of the RTAP Certificate.
Kansas RTAP plans to visit agencies that use online training to assess whether this training has been effective and to reinforce technical skills covered in the training.
How to Receive a Kansas RTAP Certificate for e-learning
To receive Kansas RTAP credit for this training, agencies should email their drivers’ certificates from Q’Straint Training and Coaching Systems to Anne Lowder at Kansas RTAP will automatically receive notice of driver trainings taken from National RTAP if the agency uses the registration process shown in the sample document attached. Once all the documentation is received, Kansas RTAP will email the driver’s Kansas RTAP e-learning certificate to the agency -- for the module he or she completed.
Links to the Training
KDOT’s New Driver Preparation Checklist
Q’Straint is offering Basic Securement 101 free (normally $49.00) during this crisis. Those who take the course will get a certificate that can be to Kansas RTAP.
Coaching Systems’ online courses are $30.00 each. An attendee will receive a certificate which must be sent to Anne Lowder at Kansas RTAP for credit toward an RTAP training certificate.  “Coaching the Van Driver 2” is new and focuses on small vans (2 -15 passenger vehicles).  “Coaching the Van Driver 3” is currently being taught in Kansas RTAP in-person classes.

National RTAP E-learning.  Kansas is registered as a “team” in the National RTAP e-learning portal. 
Instructions for using the e-learning portal
To have National RTAP courses count as a KS RTAP training, be sure to follow these steps:
Go to the National RTAP e-learning portal at
Select the “Register” button in the upper right hand corner
Fill out the registration form for the attendee (see sample attached). You will be asked to create a user name and password for the attendee. Also note:
Company Name is “U of Kansas”
Access Code is ks33
Submit and proceed with the e-learning course to complete your requirements for the courses in your Module. Kansas RTAP will automatically receive notice of your National RTAP class completion.
Please contact Lisa Harris, Kansas RTAP Director, at if you have any questions.