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Approved Trainer Program

Emergency Procedures

Teaches participants to identify emergencies, provides an orientation to emergency equipment on-board the vehicle, communications during a crisis, reviews the seven steps for crisis management,  types of emergencies, workplace violence and dealing with people. Prepares personnel to respond to incidents appropriately and report incidents and events.  Included:  PowerPoint, resources and participant handouts.

Defensive Driving 

Builds and improves defensive driving skills with over-sized and heavier vehicles while transporting passengers, helping drivers overcome blind spots, longer stopping distances, and the higher center of gravity of transit vehicles. Also addresses common challenges for newer drivers: providing customer service to passengers, traveling to new addresses, and staying on schedule. Includes PowerPoint for National Safety Council: Coaching the Van Driver (you will need to purchase the training materials and video), KS RTAP Defensive Driving, resources and participant handouts.

Approved Trainer Materials

Passenger Assistance

Provides tools to develop communicating with customers and customer service, developing techniques for passenger assistance for people with disabilities and the elderly, managing difficult passengers and situations, review of the Americans with Disabilities act and wheelchair lift and securement.   Based on materials developed by the Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA) and the National RTAP (NRTAP). Includes PowerPoint, resources and participant handouts.

Quick Access: Securing the Wheelchair video

Quick Access: Securing the Lap and Shoulder Belt video

Approved Trainer Data Entry Portal

Approved trainers can use this portal to enter their information on each class taught, subjects taught in the class, and who attended the class. 

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