Meeting local needs for training, technical assistance, and research in transportation


The University of Kansas Transportation Center

The University of Kansas Transportation Center (KUTC) conducts, coordinates, and promotes transportation training, technology transfer, and research to the State of Kansas and the surrounding region.

The KUTC is a multi-disciplinary center of the University of Kansas operating since 1977, managing technology transfer and research programs. Primary areas of interest are highway engineering and maintenance, traffic engineering and safety, transportation workforce development, and community transit. The Center’s three primary programs are Kansas LTAP, Kansas RTAP, and the Kansas Local Field Liaison Program.

Kansas LTAP

The Kansas Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) is one of 51 centers across the United States that promotes the national LTAP mission of fostering a safe, efficient, and environmentally sound surface transportation system by improving skills and knowledge at local governments through training, technical assistance and technology transfer. More...

Kansas Local Field Liaison Program

A strategy of the Kansas Strategic Highway Safety Plan, this program promotes the Plan’s “Drive to Zero” goal by providing on-site technical assistance and training to local governments in roadway safety.

Kansas RTAP

The mission of the Kansas Rural Transit Assistance Program (RTAP) is to improve the mobility of all rural Kansans through quality training and technical assistance to rural and specialized transit providers. More...

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