Coffey County Transportation Fares

In Burlington--------------$ 2.00 Per Day

In County------------------$ 4.00 Per Day

Out of County within:

       20 miles--$ 8.00 round trip

       21-29 miles--$10.00 round trip

       30-39 miles--$12.00 round trip

       40-49 miles------$15.00 round trip

       50-69 miles------$20.00 round trip

       70-85 miles------$25.00 round trip

       86-90 miles------$30.00 round trip

       91-110 miles----$40.00 round trip

       111-140 miles---$50.00 round trip

REDUCED FARE:  A reduced fare may be available to Senior Citizens (60 and older), children 8 to 18 years old, persons with disabilities, and low-income individuals and families

Out of County Resident Rates vary on a trip-by-trip basis.