The Innovative Technology Program


The Eisenhower Legacy Transportation Program (IKE) established the Innovative Technology Program to be funded at $2 M per year. Following local consult conversations in 2019, it was clear that Kansas should leverage innovative technology investment opportunities to position the state for the future.


The Innovative Technology Program provides financial assistance to partners for innovative technology projects that improve safety, leverage state funds to increase total technology investment and help both rural and urban areas of the state improve the transportation system.

Available Funding

$2 M per fiscal year. No project will be awarded more than $1M per cycle. Funds are for reimbursement only.

Eligible Projects

Projects that address an important transportation need such as promoting safety, improving access or mobility, and implementing new transportation technology. “Innovative technology” is defined as any technology that does not currently exist in the local community of the project. All transportation system projects are eligible, including roadway (on and off the state system), rail, aviation, unmanned aerial systems (UAS), bicycle/pedestrian, public transit, software, and technology infrastructure.

Eligible Applicants

Projects typically will be administered by a local unit of government. Non-governmental applications with a local government partner will also be considered. Educational institutions may apply without any partners necessary.

Local Match

A minimum of 25% non-state cash match is required. Additional consideration will be given to project applications that commit more than the minimum required match amount. Non-cash local matches will not be considered.


Candidate projects should include investments that provide transportation benefits and are not eligible for other KDOT programs. Candidate projects may receive additional consideration if they support economic growth, aid in the retention or recruitment of business or add value to a KDOT project. These funds are intended to be spent on technology investments and not on road construction or commonly used technology with other available programs such as fiber optic lines. If this funding is part of a larger project, KDOT funding should be allocated to the innovative technology aspect of the broader project.

Selection Process

The annual application window will begin on August 1, 2024. Selection criteria will include consideration of projects that meet program objectives, eligibility categories and requirements. Geographic distribution will also be considered during project selection. Applications will be due November 30, 2024. The selection committee will score applications and the awarded projects will be announced by December 31, 2024.

How to Apply

A Project Concept Form must be submitted prior to an application. Once we have reviewed the concept, an application will be sent to you. All KDOT Innovative Technology Program applications and attachments must be submitted as a single PDF document. Please submit your signed and completed application packet by November 30, 2024, via email to If you do not receive a confirmation email within two business days, please email or call.

KDOT Contact

Matt Stormer | Innovative Technologies Manager, Bureau of Innovative Technologies | 785-296-0937 |