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Equipment Loan Program

Kansas LTAP provides local agencies with access to equipment to assist with traffic counts and roadway maintenance on your local system. We provide equipment for loan at no cost, saving agencies across the state the expense of purchasing equipment that otherwise would be used infrequently. LTAP’s Road Safety Resource Coordinator, Hemin Mohammed, can provide hands-on training for equipment installation and data extraction, then follow up with data analysis and clear explanations for understanding and applying the results.

If you are not familiar with using a particular piece of our equipment, please contact Hemin at or (785) 864-6631. He can explain further how equipment works and how many devices you will need for your project.

Kansas LTAP equipment available for loan

  • Pneumatic Road Tube Counters
    This tube-style traffic counter collects and analyzes traffic data such as volume, classification, speed, gap, and more. For more information on Pneumatic Road Tube Counters, visit
  • Radar Counters
    This radar sensor collects traffic volume and speed information. Mount it to a nearby pole and aim it toward the road. It will record vehicle-by-vehicle data that can be analyzed in many ways. For more information on Radar Counters, visit
  • Turning Movement Counters (TMC)
    This electronic hand-held device can be used for manual traffic data collection at intersections. It can be employed to do turning movement counts, classification counts, gap studies, stop-delay studies, speed studies, and travel time studies. The board is lightweight and comes in a case. For more information on TMC, visit
  • “Safety Edge” Paving Shoe
    This paving shoe attaches to a paver with a universal bracket, which is provided with the shoe. The Safety Edge is a simple but effective solution that can help save lives by allowing drivers who drift off highways to return to the road safely. Instead of a vertical drop-off, the Safety Edge shapes the edge of the pavement to 30 degrees. Research has shown this is the optimal angle to allow drivers to re-enter the roadway safely. Several counties in Kansas have borrowed this attachment and have reported good results.
  • Reiker Digital Ball Bank Indicator
    This is a standard electronic measuring device for determining safe curve speed on horizontal curves. The device allows the operator to adjust the trip angle setting to the appropriate angle as indicated in the State’s adopted MUTCD. The Digital Ball Bank Indicator requires a cigarette lighter or USB power source. The indicator also has the capacity to connect to a laptop to assist in data collection. For more information on Kansas LTAP’s Digital Ball Bank Indicator, visit these sites:
    Digital BBI Product page:
    Digital BBI Instructions for use:
    Digital BBI Software:
  • Traditional Ball-Bank Indicator
    The Traditional Ball-Bank Indicator, better known as Slope Meter, is used for all slope and crown construction and it is widely mounted on motor graders, bulldozers, and asphalt pavers. This indicator is used to determine "percent of grade" and is calibrated to read from .00 to .12 (0-12%). It aids the operator and speeds work on motor graders, asphalt pavers, wheel ditches, tunneling machines, and other equipment where exacting specifications are required.
    For more information and instructions on the Traditional Ball-Bank Indicator visit 
  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)
    Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), commonly referred to as “drones,” allow for fast, safe, and efficient engineering data collection, as well as 2D and 3D data visualization. A UAS can be used to overcome safety and accessibility limitations of traditional methods of traffic-related data collection. For more information on Kansas LTAP’s Unmanned Aircraft System, visit:
    DJI Mavic Air Fly Product page:
  • Measuring Wheel
    With this measuring device, distance is measured by each rotation of a wheel and reported on a dial. The measuring wheel is ideal for roadway construction projects. It is commonly used to record distances such as curb length or paving quantities and can also be helpful for determining distances along a curve.

Additional equipment available soon:

  • Retroreflectometer
    A retroreflectometer is an instrument capable of measuring the light-reflecting properties of signs accurately and reliably. Using a retroreflectometer is an accurate way of measuring a sign’s retroreflectivity level during the daylight hours. It is a good method for checking signs and identifying those that do not meet the federal standard minimum level of retroreflectivity. Road signs are one of the most important means of insuring motorists’ safety.
  • Radar Speed Trailer
    A Radar Speed Trailer helps control speeding problems without tying up a law enforcement officer’s time. The portability of this device allows for rapid deployment into problem areas, or areas needing special attention due to crashes, construction, special events or school zones.

Note: If you need equipment that is not in our list, please contact Hemin Mohammed, Road Safety Resource Coordinator, at or (785) 864-6631. We might be able to purchase it or borrow it for you from our partners.

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