Meeting local needs for training, technical assistance, and research in transportation

KU Transportation Center Team


Steven D. Schrock, Ph.D., Director, University of Kansas Transportation Center
Director, University of Kansas Transportation Center
Professor, Civil, Environmental & Architectural Engineering

Steve's research interests are in traffic control devices, highway design, highway safety, and work zone safety.

 Lisa Koch
Associate Director for Research, Partnership, and Innovation
RTAP Director

Lisa is Associate Director for Research, Partnership, and Innovation, and RTAP Director. Lisa also teaches in the Urban Planning Program in the School of Public Affairs and Administration.

Emily Wilder
Associate Director of Business Operations
LTAP Director

Emily is the Associate Director for Business Operations at the University of Kansas Transportation Center. In addition to managing day-to-day operations for the center, she is also the Kansas Local Technical Assistance Program Director (LTAP), the National LTAP Association's (NLTAPA) Liaison to the American Public Works Association, and co-chair for the NLTAPA Partnership Workgroup. Emily holds a M.S. in Management and Leadership and is in the process of becoming a Teacher with the Kansas Leadership Center. She uses her education and experience to develop and teach soft skill courses on leadership, management, conflict resolution, and communication.

Lisa Harris-Frydman
Associate Director, Special Projects

Lisa is the Associate Director of Special Projects for the University of Kansas Transportation Center. Her areas of specialty include transportation safety, transportation planning, community planning, communications, and partnership development.


Event Coordinator

Kara is the Event Coordinator for the University of Kansas Transportation Center. Along with coordinating workshops for the Kansas LTAP and RTAP, she is responsible for the successful execution of annual conferences. Kara has been in the event industry since 2016 and was previously an event coordinator at the T-Mobile Center (formerly Sprint Center). 

Toni Dixon
Communications Emerita

Toni is Communications Emerita for the University of Kansas Transportation Center. She advises and assists on the communications activities for KUTC.

Nikhila Gunda
Assistant Transit Researcher
RTAP Programs

Nikhila  serves as an Assistant Transit Researcher for the KU Transportation Center. She is primarily involved in transit and other transportation-related research projects, along with RTAP projects. She has two Masters degrees from the University of Kansas, Construction Management with a focus of Transportation Engineering (2020) and Urban Planning with a specialization in Transportation Planning (2017). She earned her bachelors degree in Architecture and is a Licensed Architect in India. 

Alice Kuo
Administrative Assistant

Alice provides administrative support for the KU Transportation Center and handles requests for resources distributed by the Center.

Kansas RTAP Outreach Coordinator

Anne is Outreach Coordinator and lead trainer for the Kansas RTAP Program. She develops the annual Kansas RTAP training calendar, teaches RTAP classes statewide, trains other transit trainers in the state, and coordinates with partners of Kansas RTAP in ongoing service and new initiatives.

Communications and Outreach Coordinator
Communications and Outreach Coordinator

Megan is the Communications and Outreach Coordinator for the University of Kansas Transportation Center. She oversees all communications of the KUTC, including print and online content, newsletters, publications, and marketing materials for the LTAP and RTAP training programs.

Hemin Mohammed
Road Safety Resource Coordinator

Hemin is the Road Safety Resources Coordinator. He works directly with county and city public works agencies in Kansas as part of Kansas LTAP. He assists KUTC staff and researchers in the University of Kansas Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering Department in collecting and analyzing relevant traffic data. Hemin also helps develop a series of road safety briefs for KUTC and Kansas LTAP, and he has  PH.D. and RPIC.

Connor Mountford
Graduate Research Assistant
LTAP and RTAP Programs

Connor is a Graduate Research Assistant at the University of Kansas Transportation Center (KUTC) and is a graduate student in the Urban Planning and Public Administration programs. He conducts and assists in transportation research at KUTC.

Mike Perkins
Local Field Liaison and Instructor for Kansas LTAP

Mike has 40 years of field and management experience in highway, road, and bridge construction, maintenance, and public works response to emergency events. His career began with KDOT in the Kansas City Metro area, working up to Area Superintendent responsible for the highway system in Johnson County. He became Operations Division Manager for Douglas County Public Works, then Street Division Manager for the City of Lawrence. Mike has worked with public officials at fire and accident events, including Hurricane Katrina, and the Greensburg and Chapman tornado cleanups. As Local Field Liaison, Mike assists public works agencies with road safety improvements and implementation, operational issues, department leadership turnover, and more.

photo of Clark Rusco
Local Field Liaison

Clark is Kansas LTAP's first Local Field Liaison.  He is a licensed engineer and land surveyor. Clark has served as a military engineer at Fort Riley and Saudi Arabia, as well as City Engineer for Great Bend and County Engineer for Barton County. As Local Field Liaison, Clark works with county and city public works agencies in Kansas on issues such as:  practical road safety assessments, identifying low cost safety improvements, providing guidance in applying for funding for safety improvements, assistance in the implementation of local road safety plans, and more.

Affiliated Faculty Researchers

Assistant Professor of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering

Research interests in high quality, efficient, safe, health, and sustainable luminous and visual environments.

P.E., Professor of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering

Research interests include geotechnical topics such as new design methods for unpaved roads, multi-tiered earth wall systems, geosynthetic reinforcements and soil improvement techniques.

Alexandra Kondyli
Assistant Professor of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering

Research interests in transportation engineering, traffic flow, highway capacity, and driver behavior.

Robert Parsons
Professor of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering

Research interests include soil stabilization, flowable fill, site investigation methodology, and solid waste management.

Bryan Young
Associate Professor of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering

Research interest in hydrology. Teaches LTAP training workshops in GIS applications to transportation.

Workshop Instructors

Instructor for Kansas LTAP

Teaches Asphalt Road and Street Maintenance and Bridge Maintenance.

Instructor for Kansas LTAP

Teaches Culverts and Drainage, Culvert Management, Surveying, Road Engineering, Public Works I and II and other management classes.

Instructor for Kansas LTAP

Teaches Gravel Road Maintenance 

Instructor for Kansas LTAP

Teaches Workplace, Job Site and Equipment Safety and Snow and Ice Control