Sunflower Diversified Services

Sunflower Diversified Services

Contact Details
Barton Pawnee Rice Rush Stafford

P.O. Box 838, 8823 4th Street, Great Bend, KS 67530

Service Hours

5AM – 10PM

8AM – 4PM

Service Profile
Disabled General Public
Description of System:

Demand Response - General Public Services in Barton , Rice, Stafford, Rush, Pawnee counties with prior reservations. Additional service dedicated to Disabled Individuals Sunflower Diversified serves.

Medical Personal Business Education Recreational Shopping Employment Nutrition Site

Any requested

Service Area:

Services in Barton , Rice, Stafford, Rush,Pawnee Counties.with prior reservations M-F. 10 Mile HUB of Great Bend Daily

Organization Characteristics
Non-Profit Corporation
Demand Response
Section 5310, Capital Section 5310, State Operating Section 5311, Capital Section 5311, Operating